Three new roles of the new Data Ecosystem

The new data ecosystem driven by the arrival of big data will require 3 archetypical roles to provide services. Here are some professions that represent illustrative examples of each of the 3 main categories. Deep Analytical Talent • Technically savvy, with strong analytical skills • Combination of skills to handle raw data, unstructured data and complex analytical techniques at massive

Key Characteristics of Big Data

Data Volume. 44x incease from 2010 to 2020 (1.2 zettabytes to 35.2zb). Processing complexing.Big data can come in multiple forms. Everything from highly structured financial data, to text files, to multi-media files and genetic mappings. The high volume of the data is a consistent characteristic of big data. As a corollary to this, because of the complexity of the data

What is Big Data? What makes data, “Big” Data?

Big Data” is data whose scale, distribution, diversity and/or timeliness require the use of new technical architectures and analytics to enable insights that unlock new sources of business value.   a) Requires new data architecture b) New tools c) New analytical methods d)Integrating multiple skills Organizations are deriving business benefit from analysing ever larger and more complex data sets that