Volkswagen Beetle Tyre Pressure Details

215 / 60 R 16, Tubeless Tyre

Tyre Pressure Details
Front Tyre32-36 PSI (F)
Back / Rear Tyre33 PSI (R)
Vehicle ModelBeetle
Tyre Size215 / 60 R 16
Tyre TypeTubeless

The best guage for checking tyre pressure needs is the Coido Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 6071. It has 100% everything needed to run inflation status check anytime.

Recommended tyre pressure for Volkswagen, beetle front tyre is 32-36 PSI (F) and for rear (back) tyre is 33 PSI (R).

Tyre Pressure For Other Volkswagen Beetle Tyre Sizes

215 / 60 R 16 (215-60-r-16)