Volkswagen Polo Tyre Pressure Details

175 / 70 R 14, Tubeless Tyre

Tyre Pressure Details
Front Tyre32 PSI (F)
Back / Rear Tyre32 PSI (R)
Vehicle ModelPolo
Tyre Size175 / 70 R 14
Tyre TypeTubeless

The best guage for checking tyre pressure needs is the Coido Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 6071. It has 100% everything needed to run inflation status check anytime.

Recommended tyre pressure for Volkswagen, polo front tyre is 32 PSI (F) and for rear (back) tyre is 32 PSI (R).

Tyre Pressure For Other Volkswagen Polo Tyre Sizes

175 / 70 R 14 (175-70-r-14)185 / 60 R 15 (185-60-r-15)